Firewalls & UTM (Unified Threat Management)

Are You Secure?

Many people don’t really understand how to secure their computers from others. We want you to understand that your computer’s security system is like your house alarm. Imagine this, for example: you have twenty doors in your house, you’ve been going in and out of these doors all day long, and when it’s time to go to sleep you don’t quite remember if you locked all of them. Well, here is where your security system comes into play. Basically, you have a wall surrounding the perimeter of the house, and this wall only has one gate which automatically locks each time you go through. So, this means you don’t have to worry so much about the doors in the house, only the gate. Now we’re not saying that this gate will be completely secure from intruders because there is no security system in this world that can’t be broken into. It’s just the little things that matter. If an intruder saw a security sign on the front wall right next to the gate and the house next door didn’t have one, the neighbor would be more vulnerable than you, and most likely their house would get broken into instead of yours. Take this example, and think of your computer to simplify it all.

We Provide!

PC LAN TECHS offers a variety of security solutions for various systems. We conduct scheduled security checks, (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). Basically our security division has a contract with our clients to run special programs against your system to make sure HACKERS can’t sneak in. We can review your systems to clearly identify security risks and provide solutions to resolve possible liabilities. Security reviews are conducted not only by testing your systems and network infrastructure, but also areas such as physical access. We provide training to the end user in the proper procedures for securing your system This is often one of the most overlooked aspects of security and one of the most vital. After a thorough audit we will furnish you with a detailed report providing.

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