Are you looking for a Security Surveillance system?

PC LAN TECHS specializes in the most advanced Security systems available. Utilizing the most advanced technology we are Certified Security Specialist with specific industry manufacturers. Our extensive experience dealing with the most advanced systems (even widely utilized by the department of defense and local government agencies) gives our company the advantage over other security integrators.

Our Security Engineers work with new and existing customers to create the most effective and efficient security systems available using the best of the best practices governed directly by our own Chief Executive officer. Individualized consultation and installation services are all part of the complete package which we provide to our customers.

From the CEO:

Most customers don’t know a much more advanced system exists for security systems, with knowledge of those only similar to what is seen on the local news with still shots from analog cameras of unidentifiable perpetrators.

We provide state of the art security systems which reside on our engineered IP Networks giving the customer digital technology utilizing Specific Security Software to analyze each and every digital frame produced from IP Cameras. This usually leaves the customer with an unimaginable identification system. Should there ever be an event which requires history of the problem in question their security system delivers! These systems we have engineered and have in place for our customers even have top level security directors in awe.

For more information regarding our Advanced Security Systems please contact our office at 561-682-1277.