Wireless Networks

Are you looking for the freedom of connecting to the Web throughout your home or business without clumsy wires? Look no further, because at PC LAN TECHS, we specialize in installing and configuring all types of wireless networks. Wireless networks are much more affordable now than ever, so they are no longer just for business use, but also at home.

With packages starting at $299.99, you can have the convenience of surfing anywhere for a very affordable price. Whether you wish to be able to connect one computer to the Internet, or several, we have the technical know-how to make sure that your network is set up properly and in a timely manner.

Worried about hackers intercepting your data? We use nothing but the most secure encryption methods to make sure the only people on your wireless network are those that you allow. We also use the highest quality wireless products that enable you to have wireless throughout your entire home or business, without annoying dead spots.

Already have a wireless network that doesn’t work so great? Are your neighbors using your wireless? We can fix this!

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