Technology Assessment

For those interested in a much more comprehensive Technology Assessment our Technology Assessment & Analysis (TAA) is a critical component to streamlining your IT infrastructure for not only efficiency and savings but much more.

Our comprehensive review of your Information Technology (IT) infrastructure allows our consultants, engineers, and technicians to provide your business with the highest level of support.
During the TAA we thoroughly investigate your physical IT assets, network performance, data integrity & continuity, resource utilization, and security systems.

Upon completion of the assessment, we create a detailed report of your IT landscape. The report includes thorough analysis of your IT systems, network diagrams, pass/fail models, cost analysis, and other scoring mechanisms that will help you understand its current IT position.

The report is enhanced by an in-person presentation. During this formal presentation PC LAN TECHS will discuss your IT strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations designed to improve workflow, productivity, network stability, data integrity, and security.

A base recommendation with a written estimate is included at the end of the presentation for any recommendations. When the presentation is complete, all TAA documentation and data becomes the property of your business. Your business retains the right to use this information as you wish.

The process is quite simple and regardless of your networks current state we think you will be surprised once the details are uncovered as to the risk as well as the efficiency which can be created with a few simple solutions.

Please contact our office to speak with a Solution Specialist who can assist you with more information.