Virus & Spyware Removal

It can happen in an instant! You were probably browsing a well known website or maybe opened an email from a known friend and BAM your computer is now infected with a Virus.

It also possible your just browsing to get protection from these nasty infections. If so, let us explain our installation and removal process.

Once your computer is infected with a virus our technicians have to determine if your computer can be cleaned of the nasty infection or if it’s necessary to reinstall the operating system and start from scratch.

If the computer can be cleaned it will undergo an intensive cleaning with multiple virus scans from multiple computer programs to rig the infection from your system. In the event that we are successful in cleaning the virus your computer will also be checked by our Quality Assurance Test (QAT ™).

If the system cannot be cleaned then we perform have to perform an operating system reload which will require all programs to be reinstalled.

Though reinstalling the operating system is nice because your computer is basically put back to a fresh start it can be a little time consuming to re-install all of your programs.

“Virus Removals from the professionals.”


  • Remove the unwanted viruses and malware which have infected your computer.
  • Computer will be faster and optimized
  • Connect online quicker
  • Removal of potential security threats compromising your every click
  • Prevent potential security risks from having unknown software installed
  • Prevent viruses from infecting your computer.
  • Prevent from having this problem again

Our process is very detailed and we follow an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) which guarantees your computer is performing like new!

We start with Malware Scans (which include at the very least 3 separate programs).

We then review all the start-up programs and misc. programs which most of the time came pre-installed on your computer when you purchased it.

Our knowledgeable technicians then isolate the infection and confirm the type of virus which has infected your computer. Not all viruses are alike! In fact there are thousands of different viruses out there and usually each one acts a little bit different than the other.

Don’t feel like disconnecting? Not to Worry!

Even though our headquarters is based in West Palm Beach the majority of our Computer repairs are done right over the internet using Remote computer support. Remote computer support is simple. Our technicians give you a code which you enter on our website and we then connect right to your computer over the internet. You can then see our every move and how we repair your computer!

(Please note that in some cases if your computer is infected with a virus we may not be able to connect over the internet. This is usually to do with the fact that the computer virus is preventing the connection.)

Making the connection is as simple as these 3 steps.

Step 1: Call us 1-866-PC-TECHS (728-3247)

Step 2: we provide your code

Step 3: we connect and fix your computer.

Please do not hesitate to contact PC LAN TECHS™ with any questions or concerns, or for further information regarding this or any of our professional computer services. We are looking forward to providing a solution for all of your computer needs, now and in the future.

PC LAN TECHS™ is your Official Microsoft® Certified Partner.

Please Call (561)682-1277 for prompt and professional Service.

“Providing Solutions for all your computer needs,
now and in the future.”