Ok, you now have a great computer with lots of fun stuff like programs, music and pictures. So now the question; how do I protect myself from losing all this great stuff?

Easy! Whether you want just your important stuff, or the whole computer backed up, we have the right tools to do the job! We recommend backing up the entire computer, so in the event that your hard drive crashes, or even worse your data becomes corrupt, you can recover quick and easy.

With the latest technology in place we offer a secure and simple way to backup your data across the internet. We install software onto your computer which will be sent in encrypted format across the internet to our highly secure data facility. You get an email confirmation telling you that your data has been backed up successfully. Best part about this service, is it's all automated! In the event that you need to recover your files they can be downloaded by using your secure login. Another alternative is to backup your data to an external hard drive. We install software that automatically backs up your data to an external hard drive. A key feature to this type of backup solution is there is normally only a onetime fee.

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