How artificial intelligence can help your small business

How artificial intelligence can help your small business

These days, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning aren’t science fiction anymore, but many people still see these nigh-miraculous technological advances only as tools of big business and governments. Like the internet and the telegram before it, AI has developed to the point where it is accessible by the masses, and many small businesses are now using artificial intelligence to disrupt markets left and right.

What can AI software do for SMBs?

It may seem like a mismatch, but AI doesn't make computers sentient, it’s merely a software program that can make accurate predictions based on provided data. You can find AI in off-the-shelf software and put it to work to help your small business today. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that AI can benefit your SMB without large investments.

You can find AI in off-the-shelf software and put it to work to help your small business today.

Improve customer communications

If your business has a website or a Facebook page, then a chatbot would be an excellent addition to improve your customer service. You may have already seen one of these before: a chat box that appears in the bottom right corner of a webpage to ask if you have any questions. This bot can answer simple questions about your website and business with no action required by you beyond installing it.

Now, you may be thinking, “Those things seem fake and are not as helpful as people.” This may be true, but as a supplement to your customer service, a chatbot is a huge boon. It reduces the workload of your customer service reps (or fills their role if you have none) and gives consumers an opportunity to get their questions answered quickly, 24/7. Many people even prefer to use chatbots in some cases because there is no waiting involved.

Popular Chatbot Software include:

Increase sales

Customer relationship management (CRM) software uses data from various sources like calls and emails to give you valuable insight into your sales processes so that you can improve them. Knowing who wants to buy your products or services, what kind they want, and when they want it will help you with lead generation, promotions, and much more. CRM software with AI can help small businesses like yours collect valuable data and translate it into actionable information far more quickly and affordably than doing it manually.

If you set up your CRM software correctly, you can streamline or even automate much of your sales processes, giving your sales reps more time to make more sales. Your business generates loads of useful data every day, and AI can help you put it to work.

Some popular AI-Enhanced CRM software are:

Predict changes in your market

Not long ago, you had to scour industry and news reports to analyze trends and keep tabs on all of your competitors’ activities to stay ahead of the curve. But today, these labor-intensive and data-driven tasks are perfect for artificial intelligence, so SMBs can now get in on the game without hiring an army of analysts.

Competitive intelligence gathering software helps you see trends and shifts in the market by trawling the internet for industry developments and competitor activities (their social media posts, press releases, etc.). Armed with this data, your team can predict where the market is headed and stay ahead of the curve.

Popular competitive intelligence software include:

The age of AI

Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, but it’s poised to change the world as much as (if not more so) than the internet. Fortunately, AI is now widely available to level the playing field, but early adopters will get ahead.

Choosing the right AI to help your small business is a good start, but because every company is unique, AI software like those mentioned above require extensive customization and configuration to provide maximum benefit. Call the technology consultants at PC LAN Techs about implementing tailored AI software into your business, and get a technological edge on your competition.


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