5 Benefits of having an MSP handle IT support

5 Benefits of having an MSP handle IT support

It’s getting harder and harder for in-house IT teams to keep up with the pace of technology advancements. Even in West Palm Beach, which is rich with information technology talent, businesses are struggling to stay ahead of the curve. Setting up and maintaining a fully staffed in-house department is prohibitively expensive for all but the largest companies, especially when you factor in the six-figure salaries the positions command. Thankfully, there’s another option.

Here are five benefits of outsourcing your IT support to a managed IT services provider (MSP):

#1. Achieve scalability

You can only do so much with a limited budget, office space, and human resources. Even if you have an IT department that’s capable of handling everything seamlessly today, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Spikes in demand often result in serious operational challenges when you’re relying on in-house IT. It’s a similar story if your business is growing, and you’re constantly being forced to upgrade your systems, add storage capacity, and more.

Working with an MSP provides more available resources to augment or even replace your in-house team no matter how substantial your requirements.

#2. Boost productivity

Having employees spend a significant portion of their time trying to resolve trivial IT problems or waiting for support requests to be answered before they can get back to work is inefficient. Sometimes, they’ll settle for risky workarounds to issues instead, which can present even more serious problems further down the line. Maintaining peak productivity depends on employees staying focused on their core competencies.

Partnering with an MSP lets you and your team get back to doing what they do best without the constant distractions from ancillary matters like IT support.

#3. Reduce downtime

The cost of unscheduled downtime is constantly increasing as businesses rely more on IT. It’s not just the cost of repairs either; there’s also a risk of reputational damage when tech hiccups prevent customers from receiving decent service.

Lastly, you also need to consider employee morale. No one likes staring at a loading screen or error message. You owe it to your customers and your employees to prevent downtime at all costs.

MSPs are legally bound by their service level agreements (SLAs) to answer support requests within a given timeframe as well as guarantee a minimum level of service uptime.

#4. Share risk

As revolutionary as enterprise IT is, there’s always the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket. We’ve seen it dozens of times: A client signs up with us after one seemingly innocuous technology issue brought their entire business to a halt.

For example, a disguised link in an email can deliver a crippling strain of ransomware. Or a short power outage can render entire systems useless and lead to catastrophic data loss.

Working with an MSP helps you reduce risk to your organization by sharing the responsibility to look after your digital assets and proactively guard against the threats facing them.

#5. Save money

In-house IT support is inherently volatile when it comes to costs. You never know how much time technicians will end up spending on resolving a given problem. There’s also the need to keep your hardware current and your non-IT employees trained on best practices. Neither of these are cheap when you’re going it alone.

For startups and small businesses, working with an MSP enables better visibility into short- and long-term expenses. With most contracts, you pay a fixed monthly fee, which is typically based on the size of your organization, while cloud services are often delivered on a per-user basis. This makes budgeting easier while ensuring that you only pay for the services you need.

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