Most common security challenges for SMBs

Most common security challenges for SMBs

In today’s digital age, many small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are moving to the cloud, using biometrics for added security, or employing managed IT services for efficiency, economy and increased production. And while “the bigger the business, the bigger the headache” is true, SMBs also develop a migraine when faced with technical issues they can’t handle. In fact, Ponemon Institute’s 2018 report stated that only 28% of small businesses are confident they are highly effective in mitigating vulnerabilities and threats. If you’re an SMB that can’t identify your IT challenges, read on to find out where to focus on enhancing your cybersecurity.

#1. Not letting go of old systems

SMBs think they’re being resourceful when they invest or maintain legacy systems. They’re under the illusion that sticking to old systems saves them money. However, cybercriminals are smart enough to target SMBs that still use archaic systems because they are easier to breach. Ransomware, compliance penalties, and data loss are costly risks that halt business revenue, invite lawsuits, and damage reputations. Saving a few costs by not upgrading is more costly than making technical purchases.

#2. Shortage of IT knowledge or personnel

A bring your own device (BYOD) policy empowers you and your team with mobility, time, and physical freedom. It allows you to connect with suppliers, clients, and customers regardless of your geographic location, and this helps to reduce costs. But this connectivity makes your data more vulnerable, especially if you don’t have the proper data protection management measures. Also, it’s risky if your staff lack cybersecurity training. Unlike large-scale businesses that have robust IT infrastructure and tech support with 24/7 monitoring, SMBs often rely on their employees’ stock knowledge and advice from peers on how to manage and secure data and systems.

The good news is that some IT providers offer free security assessments to SMBs. Having a proper assessment ensures that you’ll know exactly what services you’ll need for your size and type of business, and you’ll avoid paying for redundant services or equipment. A reliable provider will scale up or down their services based on your needs when you need it.

#3. Other priorities

When production is your top priority, and the demands of running a production line are too time-consuming, it's understandable if you're not too interested to learn about cybersecurity.

That’s why it is important to get a trustworthy and reliable managed IT services provider who will monitor your systems for you 24/7. This sets your mind at ease, allowing you to focus your business acumen on operations, expansion, and engagement with clients and customers.

Cybersecurity and business management need not have a dichotomy; instead, they should be complementary. Your company should be able to manage production, maintain staff and client relations, and streamline processes while keeping your data and systems safe. When your data and systems are in one place, such as the cloud, expanding your company should be a smooth and easy process.

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