Overcoming the challenges of adopting new technology

Overcoming the challenges of adopting new technology

To ensure smooth operations and a steady flow of revenue, businesses need to ride the ever-growing wave of technology. According to a study by research firm IDC, by the end of 2019, organizations will spend up to $1.7 trillion to incorporate digital technology into their operations.

However, enterprises of all sizes will always have their fair share of issues when dealing with new tech. From the plethora of new hardware and software available on the market to knowing which ones will help them flourish, it can easily become a headache for many business owners.

What are some of the most common challenges your company can go through when embracing new technology? Let’s have a look:

#1. Not knowing what your business needs

Large companies will always have more money to spend on systems upgrades. However, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have to be careful about what they spend their money on. You must pin down your business requirements as well as set a budget for IT expenditure.

Ask yourself: “What challenges is the organization facing?” From there, you’ll have a clearer idea of your enterprise’s needs. If you purchase new technology just because they’re new and popular, you’ll end up blowing your budget that could’ve been spent on other important aspects of your operations.

Managed IT services providers such as PC Lan Techs can help your organization ascertain your needs. They can help you assess your current environment and recommend solutions that best fit your use case as you grow.

#2. Resistance to change

Let’s say that you now have a clear strategy for implementing new hardware and software in your operations. While your scheme seems foolproof and easy to execute, not everyone in your organization will be happy about it. Many will resent the changes introduced, as this will impact their workflow and force them to learn new things all over again, which might take time.

It’s natural for your employees to take some time to get used to your new systems. For the implementation to be truly successful, you can make your employees see the benefits of using them.

For instance, your workers are used to doing their work offline on software such as Microsoft Word and then proceeding to email the finished document. But by showing to them how easy it is to collaborate on a platform such as Office 365 where documents are automatically saved to the cloud and sharing is as easy as posting a link, they might find it easier to adapt.

Another effective method you can use is to enroll your staff in your digital transformation initiative. Involving your employees makes them feel valued, and once they contribute, they become invested in making their project a success. After all, according to Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, "people will support which they help to create".

#3. Inadequate staff training

Just because the box that new software you bought came in claims it’s “user-friendly”, doesn’t mean you can skip training your employees. Instead of looking at it as an expense, look at it as an investment that pays in the end.

Whenever you’re implementing new technology, it helps to conduct training programs regularly, as these help with memory retention when your employees are already doing their job on the new systems. It also ensures constant compliance with the latest industry regulations and helps your company stay ahead of competitors. In the long run, this keeps your staff satisfied with their job.

#4. Not monitoring the results

Adopting new technologies shouldn’t be a “set it and forget it” thing. You must assess your investments by the results these produce.

For example, you may find that by using virtual servers instead of in-house data centers, you significantly reduced the likelihood of data loss brought about by natural and man-made disasters, or that by deploying cloud-based collaboration tools, you have increased productivity in the workplace.

New technology should always be your friend, not your foe. By knowing what your business really needs, continually training your staff, and diligently monitoring productivity, you are setting up your enterprise for incredible success.

Scared about embracing new tech? PC Lan Techs offers a no-fuss IT consulting service that helps you maximize your use of technology to achieve business goals. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more.

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