4 Undeniable Small-Business Benefits of Remote IT Support

4 Undeniable Small-Business Benefits of Remote IT Support

Due to a lack of in-house expertise, small businesses often struggle with their office IT. Among the biggest problems is technical support where the traditional break / fix model results in unpredictable expenses and computer downtime.

This approach to technical support makes it practically impossible for small businesses to maintain a competitive edge and provide the service their customers expect. Thankfully, we’re witnessing the rise of cloud computing and much faster internet speeds, so it’s possible to ditch the break / fix model in favor of remote, over-the-Internet IT support.

#1. Round-the-Clock Availability

Your business might not be open around the clock, but that doesn’t mean hackers work 9–5 or that system failures can’t occur overnight. Now that we live in an era where consumers demand instant gratification, there’s more pressure on businesses to be available at all hours, and for that you need access to 24/7 support.

Chances are, paying an in-house IT department to be on call throughout the night or during public holidays will be too expensive. Remote support, on the other hand, provides a consistent and responsive service for a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

#2. Access to Top Industry Knowledge

Whether they’re working in marketing, accounting, customer service, or any other department, few of your employees are likely to be IT experts. So when they run into trouble, they will need expert help so they can get back to work.

Remote IT support gives you access to the expertise you need for running a modern, complex technology infrastructure that won’t suffer from productivity-killing downtime every time a user’s computer has an issue.

#3. Increased Employee Productivity

While salespeople like to talk about the productivity benefits of the latest technology, it’s actually much easier to get into a situation where technology ends up acting as a barrier. That’s exactly what happens, for example, when employees arrive at work only to be faced with blue-screen error messages and endless loading screens. They might try to fix the problem themselves, but that approach will only get them so far.

Outsourcing your IT support gives you the opportunity to let the experts take care of technology problems while you and your employees focus on running your business.

#4. Proactive Service Maintenance

Office technology fails on occasion, which is why it’s so important to take a proactive approach to supporting it. Remote IT support also provides you with the option to have any issues handled before they crop up through Managed IT Services..

This is when your support provider watches over your IT around the clock -- hardware, software, networking equipment, everything -- to ensure your systems stay running, your software apps stay up to date, and your network can’t be penetrated by hackers. Managed IT services are total protection for all your technology, provided by experts over the Internet, so you never have to lift a finger -- not even to call for help, because nothing ever breaks down..

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