7 ways cloud telephony can propel your business to success

7 ways cloud telephony can propel your business to success

By now, you’ve probably heard about the many benefits of migrating to the cloud, especially including how it saves your business from unnecessary expenses. Implementing a cloud telephony solution also offers similar benefits.

It involves minimal installation costs; it is pay as you go, and it requires no hardware investment. But apart from reduced expenses, here are seven other ways this cutting-edge solution can benefit your business.

Provides comprehensive call analytics

Cloud telephony gathers important information on the amount of missed calls, call volumes, and call duration. This gives companies valuable insight into how they can improve things like call performance, response rates, and customer service.

Encourages remote working

Many employees today want the flexibility to work anywhere they want, whether it be in the office, at home, or on the road. Cloud telephony allows users to route calls to company-registered devices, which means they can route incoming calls to their personal smartphone if they're not currently in the office.

Secures phone calls

To ensure the privacy and integrity of your calls, cloud telephony systems are equipped with comprehensive security systems. Cloud telephony providers install highly secure networks that come with the latest intrusion prevention and firewall protections to fend off a wide range of hacker attacks. What's more, with end-to-end encryption systems, hackers and other unauthorized users won't be able to eavesdrop on your phone calls.

Improves customer service

Every company aims to grow eventually, but this wouldn’t be possible without satisfied clients. Cloud telephony makes it easy for you to strengthen customer relationships. When it is integrated with customer relationship management software, the caller's purchase history and details will be displayed on one window, allowing you to make better, more personalized sales pitches.

Cloud telephony also has auto-attendant features that directs callers to the right extension line and customer service representative.

You can even set up hold music or messages that play based on the time of day, season, or holiday. For instance, if a client called your business during Christmas and was put on hold, you can have an automated message wishing the caller Happy Holidays followed by Christmas-themed songs. This small feature can go a long way in leaving a great impression on callers.

Robust call features

During busy seasons, you might consider adding premium calling features to maximize call efficiency. For example, the call groups feature allow incoming calls to ring on numerous extensions. Call queues, on the other hand, allow you to distribute calls to the next available agent so customers are served promptly and efficiently. These features help reduce busy signals, missed calls, and voicemails, providing service to as many customers as possible.

Ensures business continuity

Another great thing about cloud telephony is that the application and the data you use is actually hosted and managed offsite by a services provider. This means you won’t be affected by storms, floods, or other circumstances that could prevent your team from coming to the office. If your office were to go down, your employees would still be able to access cloud telephony apps just as long as they were connected to a secure, reliable network.

Puts the focus back on the core business

Cloud telephony eliminates the stress of hiring, training, and managing an IT department. Unlike traditional telephony solutions, cloud telephony providers manage the implementation, network optimization, and maintenance of your phone system. The best part is, they handle all this for only a small subscription fee, allowing you to focus more on profit-generating projects.

Cloud telephony has become an essential tool for both start-ups and established companies. If you want to reap all the benefits listed above and unleash your business’s true potential, simply talk to us. Dial 561-682-1277 or visit our office in West Palm Beach today!