5 reasons why you need a managed services provider (MSP)

5 reasons why you need a managed services provider (MSP)

A decade ago, small businesses couldn’t afford professional IT support and would have to make do with sub-par technology. That's no longer the case today, thanks to the inception of managed services providers (MSPs).

Experienced MSPs, such as PC Lan Techs, offer all-around support anytime you need and they proactively monitor your systems to detect issues before they cause disruptions. Besides, they charge less compared with hiring your own in-house IT department. Here are five ways an MSP can drive your business to succeed:

Save on business expenses

An MSP functions as an in-house IT staff in every way, and at a fraction of the cost! At PC Lan Techs, we offer several technology and service bundles. From our fully managed round-the-clock support to our affordable break-and-fix packages, you’ll find a solution that perfectly matches your requirements and budget.

Access to premium expertise and industry standards’ updates

MSPs work day in, day out in this industry, gathering vital information to serve every client. The survival of all MSPs rely on developing best practices, staying on top of advancements, and helping you comply with industry standards.

PC Lan Techs has been serving businesses in Florida for nearly two decades, and we've seen technology issues of all types and scales. We'll make sure to use this first-hand knowledge to keep your business operating at its prime.

Stay properly backed up and updated

Businesses that can’t afford to hire full-time IT staff will most likely assign the crucial tasks of monitoring and setting up updates, and conducting routine backups to someone who doesn’t have enough knowhow, or to no one at all. Having an MSP by your side means you have 100% guarantee that updates are installed properly and backups are performed regularly.

Free up your team for revenue-generating endeavors

If you do have an internal IT department, you don’t necessarily have to replace them if you want to benefit from the comprehensive services of an MSP. An MSP can also be perfect in freeing up your in-house team, allowing them to concentrate on developing projects that could potentially generate more revenue.

Rest easy, work stress-free

The value of knowing you’re not on your own in the event of a tech disaster cannot be underestimated. While modern technology can substantially boost overall efficiency, it's not perfect. Problems will pop up and when that time comes, you want to ensure that it doesn’t cause downtime or you at least have technicians immediately available to fix issues ASAP.

Our fully managed solutions come equipped with 24/7 proactive monitoring, which allows us to fix problems before they cause major disruptions. That’s an added blanket of security and assurance you wouldn’t have if you were on your own.

At PC Lan Techs, we make your business our business. Unlike many providers who offer run-of-the-mill services, we devise a tailored solution that meets your specific needs. Drop by our office in West Palm Beach today or schedule a meeting online to resolve your technology issues for good!