4 instances when hiring IT consultants is great for business

4 instances when hiring IT consultants is great for business

Back in the day, companies needed only a network administrator or a dedicated IT specialist to guarantee peak business performance. As the years passed, so did technology and the way businesses depended on it. Global workforces realized they couldn’t just hide under the security blanket of outdated technology because they were comfortable with it. And so today, companies know that the only way they can thrive in this technology-driven market is to embrace it by hiring IT professionals who know the ins and outs of the industry and are equipped with intricate IT tools and solutions to fight the battle for them.

The problem with this is, not all companies have extra finances to spend on hiring personnel for different IT specialties. To address this, several businesses have turned to IT consultants for their skill sets, especially since their services are cost-effective and deliver the same benefits as full-time talents. Here are four instances when you can benefit from working with IT consultants:

Legacy Tech SMBs

Businesses that still run on legacy systems should realize that in due time, this technology will be more of a burden instead of being a valuable tool. Most are usually hesitant in changing their systems because of familiarity. And when the time for transition finally comes, their best option is to hire an IT consultant who can help out with the upgrade instead of hiring an IT guy who isn’t well-versed with legacy tech. Once done, they can then choose to hire a more permanent IT specialist who knows the updated infrastructure.

Data Analysis

Big data analysis has paved the way for businesses to seamlessly incorporate strategies, monitor trends, and overcome obstacles to keep up with developments. And this is why IBM foresees a 39% increase in the demand for data engineers and data scientists. Even though there are plenty of self-service analytical systems in the market, qualified analytical specialists ask the right questions to produce manageable data and premier results.

However, not every project requires the assistance of a permanent data specialist. If you don’t really use big data as much, or if only one department needs it, or if you don’t rely on data for business strategies, there really is no need to hire a full-time analyst. You can still go a long way with the help of a qualified IT consultant who understands big data as much as specialized personnel.

App Development

Nearly every organization these days have their own mobile or web application. And those apps that your customers use require updated usability and functionality to give you an edge over your competitors. Having a specialized developer by your side means he or she will be able to determine the shelf life and ROI of your application.

Yet, similar to data analysis, not all projects require dedicated personnel. You need a developer only when you already have a long-term strategy in place, when your customer-facing apps require constant updates, and when the specific skill sets you require (like knowing complex programming languages) can’t be met by permanent staff. For most of your other projects, an IT consultant will be more than enough to meet your various needs.

Cloud Implementation

With the multitude of benefits cloud technology brings to the table, it comes as no surprise that businesses have started to replace traditional leading services and software. Not only does the price of cloud services reflect accurate usage, but the system updates are so seamless that it won’t disrupt business operations. In fact, in 2017 American companies allocated USD 1.77 million for cloud spending.

Choosing whether to hire IT contractors instead of full-time staff depends on a couple circumstances. First, if you only require assistance during the migration process and none after, you don’t need to hire permanent staff. But if you happen to choose cloud solutions that come with ongoing support like what we offer here in PC Lan Techs, you have the benefit of both full-time and part-time staff.

Second, it will depend on the type of cloud model you want. Permanent personnel will only be beneficial if you go with a complex system such as a hybrid cloud that requires a more manual approach. Otherwise, a part-time consultant is a more economical option.

IT consultants perfectly fill any specialized role you require in your organization without the time-consuming search for the right candidate, the overhead costs, and the expected long-term commitment. Our consultants here at PC Lan Techs deliver all the benefits of having permanent staff without those drawbacks. You just have to pick up the phone and dial 866-PC-TECHS, or visit our office in West Palm Beach.