Three ways to double your cybersecurity defenses

Three ways to double your cybersecurity defenses

Did you know that 50% of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) experienced a data breach in 2016? According to Ponemon Institute's 2016 state of SMB Cybersecurity report, 65% of organizations did not enforce strict password policies. Even though SMBs are aware of the growing threat of cyberattacks, a majority of them lack appropriate security measures, making them the perfect target.

So how confident are you in your cybersecurity? If you can't provide a clear answer, here are three things you can do to strengthen your cybersecurity.

Conduct a cybersecurity risk evaluation

To find out how your business measures up to the most dangerous attacks, you need a comprehensive cybersecurity risk evaluation. These evaluations put your current systems to the test and identify weaknesses in your systems before hackers exploit them. To begin, you need to:

  • Take an inventory of your systems, including the hardware, network, and software.
  • Look for possible threats, such as disgruntled employees, human error, unsecured channels, insufficient encryption, and poor data backup.
  • Check whether your user authentication systems, passwords, and data governance processes could potentially leave your vulnerable to attacks.
  • Call a security expert to assess whether your current security software can defend against modern threats like ransomware, denial-of-service attacks, and Trojan horses.
  • Identify the risk rating by multiplying the probability of breach against the resulting damage.

If you have a particularly high risk rating, you'll need to do two things: install tighter security measures and train your employees.

Set up a robust frontline protection system

There are several ways to keep hackers at bay, but the best way to protect your systems is with a multi-layered approach to security. You'll want to implement a strong firewall that detects and prevents network intrusions.

You can also boost your front line defenses by integrating an email encryption program. It will guarantee that all the files and messages you send out via email are safe from hackers who are trying to access your private employee and client data.

Finally, you should consider installing a strong anti-malware program. This will monitor and remove any malicious programs in your workstations and servers.

Educate your employees

To double your cybersecurity defenses, your employees must also do their part to keep your business safe. You have to accept that employees make mistakes and open and download links they shouldn't. In fact, lack of security skills and employee awareness makes your business an easy target for online scams.

The only way to prevent this is by conducting mandatory training sessions, especially for those directly responsible for managing sensitive information. By the end of these sessions, employees should learn to avoid unsolicited emails, set long and unique passwords across different accounts, and be cautious of special offers and free software.

If you want to learn about other cybersecurity solutions and strategies, read our comprehensive post Everything SMBs should know about cybersecurity in 2018. With PC Lan Techs’ expertise in your arsenal, you’ll always be one step ahead. Call us today or drop by our office in West Palm Beach, and we’ll develop a cybersecurity strategy especially for you!