Are Technology Assessments Crucial for Your Company?

Are Technology Assessments Crucial for Your Company?

Is my business running efficiently? How can I provide better value for my clients? What industry trends are up and coming and how can I use them to my advantage?

These are important questions you need to answer sooner rather than later. But one critical concern you can’t afford to neglect isn’t about business itself, but the tools that make it possible for you to run your daily operations: technology.

You use technology every day, which is why it’s easy to develop a false sense of security that it will operate efficiently following deployment, and that everything will be smooth sailing, so to speak.

This couldn’t be further from the truth because IT requires proactive monitoring and optimization in order to deliver the best results, which begs the question: Are technology assessments necessary for your company?

What are technology assessments?

Simply put, they’re evaluations that look holistically at your business’s overall network and technology infrastructure to identify risks, discover weaknesses, and provide a series of well-organized, insightful reports and strategies to resolve those issues.

A technology assessment looks at your infrastructure as a whole, whereas other types of assessments are designed for different areas of focus. Those include cloud assessment, security assessment, and compliance assessment, among others.

Can this be done in-house?

Technically yes, if you have an in-house expert. But even so, it is better to have a dedicated IT provider conduct your technology assessment. This is because your in-house personnel might be closely connected to certain projects, which can lead to a biased evaluation, whether or not intentional.

An external team, however, will look at your business from an outsider’s point of view with a fresh perspective, making sure nothing gets overlooked.

Other benefits you can expect from technology assessments include:

Improved security

Security breaches can occur from outside and within. IT assessments will uncover your internal risks while also putting your security to the test by simulating a series of external attacks.

To make sure you’re protected from cyber attacks and human errors, IT assessments will provide a detailed analysis that helps you see who is accessing or transmitting data and when users have gained access to restricted parts of your network. By uncovering your pain points, you can make improvements accurately.

Streamlined processes

Apart from insights into your hardware, software, and systems loopholes, you’ll also receive recommendations on how to tackle issues, prevent them from occurring in the future, and consolidate processes to minimize tedious workarounds.

Think of your IT as a car stuck in traffic. An assessment will help you determine the quickest route you can take to reach your destination.

Improved operational efficiency

A good technology provider will create a long-term technology roadmap that helps define additional services that will benefit your company and offer ways to customize current solutions for better performance.

You’ll be able to free up your existing IT resources for strategic areas, improve uptime and data availability, and have peace of mind knowing your networks and endpoints are safe and secure.

Lowered costs

Technology changes quickly, so there are always more things you need to account for to keep your IT spending reasonable. Proper technology assessments will determine which hardware or software drives the most value for your business and which is a drain on your resources and budget.

For instance, there might be tons of applications you’re no longer using but are still paying for, or certain hardware might have made sense to your business a year ago but has become obsolete and too expensive to maintain today.

Industry compliance insured

If you operate in industries that are subjected to government regulations, like finance, healthcare or retail, IT assessments will make sure that your confidential data is stored properly and safely, all in accordance with your industry’s compliance laws. This can help you avoid hefty regulatory fines.

At PC LAN TECHS, we’ll thoroughly assess your technology infrastructure to make sure nothing slips through the crack. We have extensive experience performing a wide array of assessments for our clients in various industries. Forget false claims and geek speak. We’ll provide comprehensive insights and actionable steps to you in plain English so you can make the best decisions.