6 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

6 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

Since it's release, Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 10, has received mixed reviews. Some users claim that it's a delight, especially with all the additional features; others find it complicated and downright disappointing. How will small- and medium-sized businesses take the leap of faith?

Privacy is a primary concern in today’s data-sharing landscape, and if you want to disable usage reporting features, you lose some of the best new features. The most important thing to remember is this: In terms of speed, security, interface, compatibility and software tools -- Windows 10 is a vast improvement over its forbears.


Users who didn't upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1 missed out on one of the best things about Windows operating system: Fast startup. There are comparison videos that show Windows 8.1 revving up faster on a MacBook than OS X. When compared with Windows 7, the new versions leave its ancient counterparts in the dust. DirectX 12 is another speed boost that specifically targets animators, video editors, and gamers. The new 3D engine allows creative developers to reach a higher level of immersive performance.

The Start Menu

Microsoft has heeded the cries for the return of its iconic start menu, which was briefly replaced by the Start Screen in Windows 8. Windows 10 has retained the tile-based appearance, which displays live tile information while allowing the OS to be touch-enabled.


It's always nice to be able to communicate with your technology. Besides asking Cortana to play music or take a note, you can get more specific reminders that appear on any device running Cortana. For example, "Remind me to finish the budget report by tomorrow" or "Remind me to talk to my boss before the next meeting." Outside of her workplace assistance, Cortana's notebook function also organizes your interests such as sports teams, local weather, and even traffic conditions for your commute home.

Action Center

Mimicking smartphones, Windows 10 displays all kinds of messages, updates, and news notifications. The Action Center shows messages from your inbox, your mobile device, the operating system itself, or from applications.


Windows 10 inherits the Secure Boot feature from Windows 8 and takes it a step further. The feature checks the boot loader before launching it and ensures it’s signed by Microsoft. So if a “rootkit” or any other piece of malware does replace your boot loader or tamper with it, the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) won’t allow it to boot. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 PC's can be customized so this feature may not be bypassed. Additional security features include: Device Guard, Microsoft Passport, and Windows Hello.

Virtual Desktops

Finally catching up to the sophisticated Mac, which understands the benefits of switching among several virtual desktops, Windows 10 now has the same capability as Microsoft's desktop operating system. This feature is incredibly easy to use: Simply click or tap the task-switching icon next to Cortana's search box in the taskbar.

Not only are hoarders known for their stubborn nature, business owners also experience difficulty letting go as well -- especially when it comes to IT. Think of it this way, if you work with the same components day in and day out, you’re bound to get the same results. Why not opt for something capable of delivering quicker, better, and more visible results?

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