Benefits of working with the cloud

Benefits of working with the cloud

Nephophobia is the irrational fear of clouds, where the mere sight of them is enough to induce overwhelming anxiety. Scientists hypothesize that it might be due to genetics and heredity, or traumatic events involving fluffy, white masses.

But this is an extremely rare condition, and business usually can’t relate. What they can relate to, however, is a more modern take of nephophobia, which involves a fear of cloud computing in a world where daily business operations run without traditional local servers.

It's integral for business owners to understand the advantages of whatever tool they are about to invest in for the corporation. Will it improve storage capacity but hinder accounting processes? These details must be taken into consideration.

Economic efficiency

It's music to the ears of business owners when they are able to save money without sacrificing quality, productivity and efficiency. Cloud computing utilizes hardware where virtualization increases the value of the physical server hardware, thus allowing them to do more for less. This also decreases rack space, power usage as well as IT requirements, which makes way for lower installation maintenance, hardware, upgrade, and support costs.

Cloud computing allows you to pay as you go thanks to a subscription-based model that doesn't break the bank. And since you're paying for a monthly application, over time it becomes a tax-deductible operational expense.

Greater flexibility

With cloud computing, you can access work-related files and information from Internet-enabled devices whenever and from wherever. Employers and employees alike can benefit from being able to work outside the office. The increased mobility and flexibility also helps save costs: small-business owners can choose to implement a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, and since employees are able to work on their own devices, there’s no need to purchase equipment.

Going green

Moving your IT resources to the cloud has numerous benefits. Paramount among them is the resulting energy efficiency. Tech giants like Microsoft and Apple, for instance, have better financial clout as well as economies of scale to source the best possible deal on renewable energy.

Greenpeace praised both Microsoft and Apple for their efforts in this area, and those using these companies for their cloud services can feel good knowing they're helping out the planet.

Document control

The need for reliable document control solutions are the result of rising numbers of employees and partners collaborating on documents. Before cloud computing, staff members sent files back and forth and only one user could work on the file at a time. This resulted in conflicting file versions, formats, and titles.

With cloud computing, files are stored centrally, allowing everyone to work on the same master document. Greater visibility leads to improved collaboration, which ultimately means better work and a healthier bottom line.

Simplified work processes and maximized productivity help skyrocket a company to success. PC LAN TECHS would like to ensure your cloud migration experience is a positive and profitable one. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We're ready to do everything we can to help you stay ahead of your competition!