Wifi Initiatives for Small – and Medium-Sized Businesses

Wifi Initiatives for Small – and Medium-Sized Businesses

An initiative is defined as an “act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something,” and it’s undeniable that many SMBs face numerous difficulties on a daily basis. So how can Wifi alleviate such problems? And to what extent? One thing is certain: these waves aren’t surfboarder-friendly -- only Internet surfers are allowed.

A reliable Internet connection is integral to any company’s success. It helps facilitate important daily tasks such as sending emails, providing customer support, and keeping track of shipments and inventory. And in a digital age that constantly seeks to improve work processes, Wifi is the next best thing -- hands down.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Wifi is the fact that it’s wireless. Other than that, not much else is known. This begs the question: How can something that you know very little about help you manage the numerous problems surrounding your organization? Besides the wireless factor, there are other upsides of utilizing Wifi. Let’s discuss some of them.

Increased mobility and collaboration

For SMBs, time is money and every second counts. With the help of Wifi, levels of overall employee collaboration increase. This is because employees now have total access to business files, documents, data, applications as well as network resources whenever they want, wherever they are. This means that “working” is no longer confined to a cubicle at an office, where someone might micromanage you; Wifi gives employees the freedom to work from home, a coffee shop, or on a beach while they’re suntanning. It’s because of this freedom that employees are compelled to do more and go the extra mile.

Recently, many offices have started to adopt wireless LAN. This has allowed employees to move around the workspace, to hold meetings without having to wait for everyone’s schedule to align, and to have real-time access to all your network’s documents and applications -- without having to open a single file cabinet.

Enhanced responsiveness

When customers have questions or concerns, they want you respond to them. Period. Regardless of whether the issue is big or small, the quicker the customer service you can provide, the better. How exactly does Wifi factor into this? With Wifi, staff members are connected to all the information they need, making it easier for you to find a solution instead of looking for a file in the fathomless digital haystack.

Uncompromised data access

Wifi is an alternative to wired networks that would otherwise be difficult to work with, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Basically, these waves can go places wires simply cannot. On top of that, Wifi also helps improve overall operational processes that tend to be overlooked. For example, wireless access points throughout a warehouse would allow you to easily manage inventory whenever you needed to.

Effortless network expansion

As a business grows, so does its supporting resources, including its network. But that is a lot easier said than done. Companies that frequently add employees or undergo office reconfiguration would definitely benefit from the flexibility afforded by Wifi. Desks could be moved at whim, and new staff members could be added to the network cost-effectively because cables don’t need to be rewired.

Improved guest access

The hallmark of any thriving organization is the provision of a unique, value-added service, which is another feat that sounds wonderful in theory. Wireless networks give you the luxury of granting customers or business partners a secure, wireless Internet connection.

Boost employee satisfaction

As if deadlines and back-to-back meetings weren’t enough, add staring at a loading screen to the formula, and you get a recipe for dwindling employee satisfaction. In order for employees to be at their happiest and most productive, a reliable Internet connection is required; with it, they’ll be able to complete tasks quicker and with less frustration.

Businesses wishing to achieve never settle on one particular resource; if they manage to find something better that helps them do more, the automatic response is be to go for it. Much like Charles Darwin’s concept of natural selection, businesses better adapted to the market are more likely to survive and produce more profit. If you’re looking for a wireless Internet provider but aren’t sure where to start, give us a call. Ride the invisible waves to the shores of success.