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PC LAN TECHS is South Florida’s saviour from IT distractions, faulty technology, and exploding IT budgets. From our own backyard in West Palm Beach to China in the Far East, over the years we’ve helped thousands of clients simplify their technology to gain greater efficiency, savings and growth. We provide tailor made IT solutions to many industries, including healthcare, hospitality, government and education.

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IT Solutions - West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, South Florida

Simplify Your Technology

IT doesn’t have to give you headaches. Entrust yours to the experts at PC LAN TECHS for simple, user-friendly solutions that are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

IT Services - West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, South Florida

Stabilize Your Budget

Unexpected IT expenses can ruin your day, month or even your entire business. PC LAN TECHS offers fixed fee, monthly plans that bring predictability to your budget.

IT Consulting - West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, South Florida

Increase Productivity

PC LAN TECHS ensures your business is armed with the latest technology, tailor made to your organization. This means greater efficiency and better results, with less downtime.

IT Company - West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, South Florida

Grow Your Business

When PC LAN TECHS handles your IT for you, technology ceases to be a distraction. This gives you increased focus to drive your business towards greater profits and growth.

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Experience the difference of world-class service

Partner with one of the top 501 IT providers on earth

For the 4th consecutive year in a row, PC LAN TECHS was recognized for our outstanding service, and were listed on MSPmentor’s 2015 list of the top 501 IT providers in the world.

MSPmentor is the globe’s number one online media destination for Managed Service Providers, and they’ve produced their annual report for the last eight years.

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