Hurricane Preparedness

As forecasters in Florida closely monitor Hurricane Irma, it is predicted that this storm could have a potential impact to the South Florida area in the next few days. As a precaution, we encourage Customers to use the below guidelines to ensure that your Computer network and Systems remain protected. As there is some uncertainty as to how we will be affected by the approaching storm, we wanted to take a few minutes to help identify the key tasks which need to be completed by you or your company prior to and after the storms arrival.

Things to consider before the storm!

  • INVENTORY: Prior to the storm's arrival it is important to identify and inventory all equipment (take pictures or videotape). If your system is currently being managed by PCLT we most likely have an up to date asset list.
  • BACKUPS: Confirm you have an External hard drive containing your data backups which can be taken offsite and stored in a well suited location for safeguarding. If you do not have an external hard drive to take offsite then please contact our office ASAP. Regardless we recommend you confirm and verify your data is on the external drive.
  • OFFSITE BACKUP SERVICE: Though some of you have offsite backups (A place where your data is backed up over the internet to secure servers) please keep in mind that most likely not all your data is being backed up offsite. It’s quite common to only backup crucial (not all) data offsite due to size restrictions.
  • SYSTEM SHUT DOWN: If a Hurricane Warning is in affect prior to leaving your office All Computers, Monitors, Peripherals should be shut down and unplugged from electrical outlets (This includes Battery Backups-make sure to press the power button on the battery backup first before unplugging from the electrical outlet). Move the computer and peripherals away from windows and doors towards the center of the room.
  • MOVE SYSTEMS: Make sure all computer/electronics are raised off of the ground at least 1 to 2 feet.
  • COVER YOUR SYSTEMS: Lastly cover all electronics with garbage/plastic bags. This will help to ensure the devices stay dry should your roof leak.

After the storm!

Hopefully you have power! If you decide to connect computer(s)/electronic device(s) right afterwards make sure you have a sufficient battery backup/Surge Protectors in place. The Computer/Server should be connected to the battery protection side (Almost all battery backups have one side which is only surge protection and the other which is battery protected). Battery backups and Surge protectors are always recommended for any electronic device. Battery Backups help to ensure the power is regulated should there be spikes in the power or you are using a generator which can fluctuate the power. We do not recommend operating your system(s) without proper battery/surge protection.

Service and Support

In the event that there is a Tropical Storm Watch or Hurricane Watch our offices will continue to operate normally but any onsite service may be limited. In the event that there is a Hurricane Warning in affect our network operations will begin our Hurricane Procedure Plan and only be working from a remote capacity to address Emergency circumstances. Onsite service will not be available. Though we operate 24/7 communications with our Network operations Team may be delayed due to the conditions of the storm.

Emergency Support

If you have an emergency with any of your systems, please feel free to contact us at 561-682-1277 and select the Emergency Support option. Our systems operations currently operate from secured (Hurricane proof CAT5) datacenters across the US giving us the ability to continue operations regardless of the storm conditions.

As always we are here to help guide you in any way possible so feel free to call us or simply reply back with any questions or concerns.

Current Storm Information: